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mark and which ones were way off. >> and later, forget the lip sinking scandal, beyonce's half-time show was all dancing. fox 5 morning news starts right now. >> this is fox 5 morning news. look at the sky. it is a beautiful sky. in baltimore it is cloud free and sunshining. this is sky here over washington on a day people will be talking about the superbowl all day long and everything that went with it including the blackout. good morning it's monday february 4th, i'm tony perkins. >> i'm allison seymour. and i couldn't turn away from any of it. celebrations on the field in new orleans and the streets of baltimore as the ravens hoist the lombardi trophy. they will be honored tomorrow through the streets of
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charm city. >> we will have full coverage in just a minute. but first we have a school closing. garret county public schools are closed because of snow. >> tucker barnes is joining us now and if i'm tired, you must be exhausted. >> even before the game i was stressful yesterday and just a couple hours of sleep. tony asked about the sky, it's actually purple. >> i should have known. >> temperatures overnight in the 20s. and it's going to be another cool afternoon. highs later today will only top out in the mid 30s. let's get to the numbers. and at reagan national, 27 degrees. dulles, 25. most of the areas back in the 20s. you get the idea that we're off to a cold start. guess what we got on the way? another clipper system out to the west. we'll have sunshine for the first half today and clouds will arrive during the afty
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see the white on your map there, that's some snow shower activity. we'll have the risk of light snow around here. parts of the area could see light accumulations. not talking about a major event. but could have snow showers around. and could see a covering. worst case scenario maybe an inch of snow north and west of the city and into the mountains out west of maryland. that's why they have a cancellation out there. here's your forecast today. and later this afternoon, lots of clouds but snow showers should hold off until tonight. more details on that m a minute. let's do traffic with julie wright. >> unfortunately we have a crash we find sky fox above. no injuries at this point but east-west highway is closed off. the eastbound stretch is blocked. so again, if you are
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traveling eastbound on 410 the roadway is shut down. westbound, some traffic is able to get by under police direction. you'll find the right side is blocked. we do find delays starting to build in the area. an on going investigation is underway. we'll show had you what else is out here. 395 crossing over the 14th street bridge no accidents just volume delays. south of the beltway out towards the potomic crossings, heavy volume out of manassas. fair oaks to 123, inner loop of the beltway headed north up towards gallos road. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> the big story of course the celebration is on in baltimore and across much of maryland. >> the ravens won second superbowl championship and the party only has just begun. dave ross is live with player and fan
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reaction. there's so much to talk to you about this morning. >> reporter: absolutely, tony and allison. i don't know the city has gone to sleep yet. and why would you? it's a rare it to win your second world championship. and they got it done in dramatic fashion against the san francisco 49ers. show you those highlights. it was brother versus brother jim versus john, who was going to come out better in the har-bowl? joe flacco three touchdown passes. the game's most valuable player. 11 touchdowns, no interceptions. that is getting it done. a bizarre scene in the second half when the lights went out. had a 35 minute delay. the 49ers seemed to feed off that. and late needing a touchdown the raven's defense comes up big.
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colin kaepernick. it's uncomplete and celebrate in baltimore. did they ever celebrate last night in the city? you name it, people were out and about in abundance celebrating second world championship and the first one since 2000. we're here at jimmy's restaurant and honored to be joined by the owner in the restaurant. and you've been here the owner since 1980. what does this mean to you and to the city? >> another great day. another great day for the city. another great year. it really is very emotional. you can't really -- not enough words. the team game through. all the neigh-sayers that said they'll never be anything. there they are world champs. >> you get choked up about this. seems like it's a community feel with the team and the city. do you get that
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sense? >> absolutely. you see people around here. there was nowhere you could go this week that you didn't see purple. and i mean, it didn't make any difference. everybody had purple on. and it was great. it was just such a support for the team. i'm so happy for ray lewis to go out like this. joe flacco deserved everything. all the honors that he got. the ravens deserved a lot more honors than they actually got. i think that the nfl should have been a little more responsive. >> yeah, but you got the vince lombardi pro fee. >> i'm glad. shows them who the champs are. >> thank you very much. and thank you for your hospitality here. >> let's go back to you in the studio. >> with everything that went on
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i don't think any of us got much sleep. >> thanks y'all. >> all right. now, checking other headlines and still developing in alabama, the hostage stand off. now in its 7th day. we're learning more about the suspect. 65-year-old jim lee dykes is an isolated man. also a vietnam veteran who has strong antigovernment views. he gunned down a school bus driver and abducted a 5 year old boy. he's been holding him in an under ground bunker ever since. the ground of communication is still open and the boy is in good condition. the bus driver who died was laid to rest yesterday. at least 500 people attended his funeral hailing him as a hero. >> two tour buses crashed sunday
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on two different sides of the nation leaving at least 8 people dead. all 8 happened in southern california where a bus headed to tijuana collided with two other vehicles. the driver of the bus reported having break projects coming down a mountain 38. in boston 35 people were hurt. the bus was on its way back and carrying a group of philadelphia area high school students and their adult chaperons. the bus was too tall for the road it was traveling on. a decorated war veteran for his skill and service shot and killed apparently by a man he tried to help. >> navy seal chris kyle was found dead at a texas gun range on saturday. melanie alnwick is live with more on what happened.
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>> chris kyle earned a reputation as the mill tear aye's most lethal sniper. friends say he died doing what he loved. his best selling autobiography during four towers in iraq. they were both killed at the rough creek lodge 50 miles west of fort worth. the shooter is believed to be a troubled shooter. he is believed to have turn had had and shot the man in the back and fled in kyle's pick-up truck. he was considered a true american patriot and appeared on fox news channel where he talked about his love of country. >> you have to show respect. that flag is red , white and blue. the red stands for blood spilled. all throughout our history. you are not going out
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to kill people. you are going out to save americans. >> chris kyle left the navy in 2009. he dealt with own post war struggles and established a charity. faces two counts of capitol murder. chris kyle and chad littlefield both leave behind families. back to you. >> thank you very much. >> the district is in great financial shape. now chief financial officer is calling it quits. is it a case going out on top? we're going to sit down with a local law maker for answers. >> gun control. gays and the boy scouts. hear president obama's remarks from pregame sit down. >> beyonce ee electrifies the super dome minutes before the electricity goes out. sarah simmons will join us live. and some early reaction for the crop of commercials.
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>> and as we head to the break, here's a live look outside. we're going to get the latest waeth her and traffic from tucker and julie coming up next. it's 10 minutes after 7:00.  [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation,
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super obama. 1, 2, 3, 4. let's get it. >> ♪ >> do you know how hard it is to do that move she just did. going all the way down like that? >> she looked right into the
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camera. that camera was not close to her. that was beyonce putting on a show stopping performance almost literally during laugh time. jam packed 12 minute show. and following her criticized performance at the inauguration ceremony, receiving rave reviews for this one. >> half of these artists period, they don't even sing in concerts. she dances and sings. that was her taken back crown yesterday. >> the raven's win wasn't the only entertainment. powerhouse performance by beyonce, tribute to sandy hook and buzzing this morning. >> sarah joins us with the entertainment highlights. i love that go daddy ad with walter. the one that made me go ahh. >> walter was the nerdy guy. you loved it? >> i did.
7:16 am
it was really effective. >> it was. there was a lotthings affective. it was a good one. it wasn't boring by any means on many many levels. so that's for sure. the players were not the only stars of the night. with pop diva beyonce belting out hits such as love on top and crazy in love. rumors were swirling all week the singer would be joined by destiny's child singers and those rumors proved to be true. >> how y'all feel? sing. >> the group reunited to sing the group's hits bottylicious. beyonce finished the show solo with halo. before the big game began last night, a touching tribute to the victims of the sandy hook elementary school shooting. honored their peers
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and teachers with america the beautiful. tear jerker. wore green ribbons in memories of the 26 killed. the group was joined by american idol star jennifer hudson. and one of the most highly anticipated were the commercials. lasting between 90 seconds and two minutes. and others became soap operas. take a listen. love that commercial. experts say the reason for the changes were due to a hefty price tag. 40 second spot going for $400 million. you advertisers are always looking for new ways to attract the game watchers. jeep's tribute to military families. it was all the way around it was
7:18 am
a good superbowl to watch. the ads were good. the game was good. the power outage not so much but interesting to talk about. >> added a news element. later that night i was thinking how would you like to be the stadium manager? not good. >> see if he has a job this morning. >> you know what i liked about the ads? i loved the comedy. but i thought it made so much funny made the serious ones oprah, the tribute to the military, the paul harvey one, those were great. >> and the anheuser busch one. >> everybody loves that one. hearing a lot about that one. i missed that one . a lot of good ones. >> we'll talk about it more later. tucker, all about the game. >> it's funny. when you care about the team, i don't remember any of the ads.
7:19 am
too stressful. i said it to people here, in some ways i'll be relieved not to have the ravens in the superbowl. >> you enjoy it but don't. >> part of me feels like i was at work last night. >> in my house, mark was going crazy. it's killing us. >> all the momentum. >> and it almost worked. >> the commentator said it and it was like two different games. great game for both teams. i think the 49ers are going to have a lot of potential. >> regarding weather, very interesting to have a weekend where it snowed almost all weekend and there was nothing on the ground. >> saturday night got a dusting across the area. another chance of that later this evening. let's take a look at maps. reagan national, we're cold. in the 20s. 27 at reagan national. 17 in pittsburgh. 11 in
7:20 am
binghamton. chicago, another clipper system off to the north and west. see the cloud cover and if you look carefully, that light gray is snow falling. fast moving will move towards the washington area. early sunshine, clouds move in this afternoon and tonight, another chance for light snow with possible light accumulations across the area. well to the north and west. but all of us could see again maybe a light coating across the region during the overnight hours. there's your accu weather 7 day. lots of clouds. are you going to that prayed tomorrow? one or two of our viewers are. and 40s for the remainder of the week with highs near 50 by friday. >> tucker, thank you. >> let's find out what's happening in traffic. here's julie wright with that. >> you are not going to the thing? >> i'm going to get sleep first,
7:21 am
julie. >> he'll be there. >> i hope you do go, tucker. you should. >> i want to celebrate, julie. >> i'll make sure you get there if you need a ride tucker. southbound along 270 leaving i 70. 33 minute commute there. the accident activity has now been moved out of the roadway. headed south into rockville. westbound at the icc debris tying up the right side of the road. 46 miles an hour. really drop down below speed here. let's continue with the cameras. again, clean up continues from an earlier crash involving a bus here at connecticut avenue. some traffic is able to get by and they are pulling the road back out of the roadway. lanes are open right now if you are continuing along 270 headed out towards the split. that's a check of your fox 5 on time
7:22 am
traffic. >> thank you, julie. 7:21. coming up next. an update on the gun control. background checks won't stop the violence. >> we'll be right back. stay with us. it's 7:21.  this is so sick!
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because i think that, you know, my attitude is that gays and lesbians should have access and opportunity the same way everybody else does. in every institution and walk of life. and you know, the scouts are a great institution that are promoting young people and exposing them to opportunities and leadership that, you know, will serve people for the rest of their lives and i think that nobody should be barred for that. >> the push to end discrimination in the boy scout's organization gets a show
7:26 am
of support from president barack obama. and in an interview with scott pelley, the gay members as anybody else. should discuss the possible policy change. and the president is going to minnesota later today to talk about his proposals to curb gun proposals. wants a universal background check. something gabriel giffords's husband argued for. background checks won't work says the nra. >> it's a fraud to call it universal. the criminals aren't going to come ply with comply with it. >> we ought to quit calling it universal check. the check on law abiding people all over this country. >> i spent 25 years in the
7:27 am
military. it's to kill a lot of people very quickly. i think in time, we will be able to address those issues. >> senator harry reed is a gun owner but signalling he could bring a gun weapon's vote up soon. >> still ahead in our next half hour, what's next for the district's wallet now that the chief financial officer is stepping down. >> and as we head to the break, here's another live look outside. the latest weather and traffic from tucker and julie coming up next. 27 minutes after 7:00. you are watching fox 5 morning news. ning news. my father loves coffee, drinks coffee every day,
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again to the 40. at the 50. and the ravens have won it. 34-31. >> the funniest moment for me was when the punter did that crazy walk and off the side to run the clock down. >> the safety. >> bizarre play. it did work. the baltimore ravens are super bowl xlvii champions. roared out of the gate to take a 22 point lead.
7:31 am
but the niners made a come back only to fall just short. joe flacco was named the most valuable player of the game. baltimore's second superbowl championship as a franchise. >> on our facebook page, we asked you to weigh in on ray lewis's last ride. >> i thought jacoby jones should have gotten mvp. people were hard on joe flacco though. i hope this made believers out of those folks who were giving him a hard time during the regular season. >> a whole lot of facebook and twitter activity last night during the game. particularly during the blackout. >> the blackout was so strin knowledge. and caught everybody off guard. imagine we're in a commercial and -- >> i have to say, as a
7:32 am
broadcaster when the announcers were talking and got cut off, i knew something happened. and then it took a few minutes. >> i didn't. >> i thought where did they go and they didn't come back and you start to see the shots. >> not to get them down on the field. they have to stay there and broadcast from the box. >> it obviously changed the whole momentum. the offense was on the field for an hour and a half. >> they still won. >> they still won. close call. >> yes , it was. >> don't want any closer than that. beautiful sunrise hchlt and what a gorgeous day here. lots of sunshine to start your day. the clouds will roll back in this afternoon. and with it, the possibility later tonight a few more snow showers across the dc area and maybe light accumulations. just like what we had around here yesterday and
7:33 am
the day before with a potential for coating of snow. 25 in annapolis. teens there. manassas 19 degrees for you. 22 in hagerstown. baltimore, 23 to start the day. very colt temperatures here early this morning. highs later today, mid to upper 30s. 36, 37 in the city. all right. lots of sunshine to start the morning. clouds will move back in later today. the clouds out towards west virginia and eastern kentucky. and then our next weak clipper system from the northwest. and this will move in during the evening hours and could spark off a band of light snow. temperatures close to the freezing mark. could have a travel issue or two later tonight or early tomorrow morning. we're not looking for a potential for a lot. another weak system. high pressure keeps us dry. breezy conditions and low pressure moves in.
7:34 am
particularly evening snow showers. best chance locally will be this evening. snow showers will move in later this afternoon. western maryland, they've got a winter storm warning. they are looking at the potential for 8 inches of snow. 37 for us today. 30 tonight. snow shoir s. light accumulations possibility. on par with what we had around here the last couple days. there's your 7 day. 40s. 40s return by wednesday and maybe near 50 by next weekend. warmup on the way. >> all right. thank you, sir. >> i like a warmup. >> let's go to julie with an update on traffic. >> we do need that warmup. and didn't see his shadow. >> punxatoni phil. >> that guy.
7:35 am
>> southbound on 270 delays continue out of rockville. southbound making your way out towards the lane divide. we have problems with the signal lights not working. treat it as a four way stop. 66 inbound below speed. and fair oaks on and off the brakes. 395 not too busy. little bit of a slow down out towards pentagon parking and the earlier crash has cleared. lanes are open. southbound connecticut avenue. heavy and slow from the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> julie, thank you very much. chief financial officer says he is stepping down june 1st. he has served the city for nearly 15 years and is just one year
7:36 am
into his current five year term. a spokes person says the retirement is for purely personal reasons. comes amid questions into tax assessments and transparency. for more on the surprising resignation and what's next, we turn to jack evans. good morning, a little unfair. everybody was up watching the superbowl. thanks for coming in early. let's talk about this. is this a surprise resignation? >> a little bit of a surprise. confirmed for another five year term in june. not been that long. i was surprised when he decided to go. he's had a rough six months. maybe that entered into his decision. >> purely personal reasons. that is the story we are reporting. that is what your office has heard. >> that's what he told me personally he was leaving to focus more time in his personal life. he's 72 years old.
7:37 am
and take it easier . >> the mayor has come out expressed his thanks for the condition of the city for the service of dr. ghandi. how will he be remembered. let's talk financial reasons when he inherited the city. now we're sitting at millions of dollars in surplus. >> $1.5 million in savings account. he will be remembered favorably. he took over the financial office at a time when it was in chaos. the prior cfo had been delivered 13 weeks late. our bond rating was very low. and there was no confidence in that area. over the period of time, he put together an excellent team. our bond rating went to aaa status and aa and our finances are the envy of every city, county and state in america. he was a large part of that. not to say he was the only part but a large
7:38 am
part in putting the city in the financial shape it's in today. >> some of the things i'm sure the office would like to forget. some of the scandals not related to him but $50 million embezzlementécase. workers were make improper adjustments. how serious are those allegations. do they obtain to his record? >> as far as had i see it no. he did an excellent job in his time. the harriet walter stealing $50 million. but over a period of years. we put in place a number of safeguards since that time in order to make sure people don't steal money. we've had more recent instance stealing 3 or $400,000.
7:39 am
and we keep responding to that. and the things with the assessments. commercial property buildings being adjusted. nothing ever came out of that. it was explained as to why it was done that way. that kind of criticism albeit important really hasn't shown short comings in the office. >> what happens now moving forward? dc seems to be getting into a very good place financially. we still have some issues no offense issues on the council as well. what needs to happen moving forward to get the city on the track you want it to be on? >> in the cfo area, they appoint a new cfo. been around a long time. i assume will do a nationwide search and final the best person for this job. this isn't just an ordinary cfo ochlt
7:40 am
understands and capable in municipal state and county finance. but someone who has excellent relationships with wall street. congress and the dc council. and that's a despaired group if there ever was one. that's the kind of person we need to step into this job. the city is doing great though. 50 some cranes. the development is taking place in record amounts which will only make the city more stable and more financially stable. having said that, we still struggle with the school system that is one of the worst in the country. areas in our city, neighbors not as safe as we want them to be. not enough affordable housing. not enough jobs for people. particularly used to the river, employment rate can rise. having said that, in balance, the city is on the right track and we need to keep building on what we've done in the past.
7:41 am
>> is there a time line we can expect as far as the replacement? >> he's agreed to stay on to june 1st. hopefully in that four months, we'll be able to identify someone. love to have someone local. the district of columbia is unique. and always better to have someone who understands the dynamics. having said that, i think it's important we look at all the possibilities but do it quickly so we can get somebody in place by june 1st. >> keep that surplus where it is. >> great to have a surplus. i've been here when we didn't. we have a po tomic phil. our own ground hog. he did see his shadow which means it's going to be 6 more weeks of winter. but competing, i'm from pennsylvania. i know that phil as well. >> can i go with that? dc council man jack evans, thank you so much. we'll be right back. [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation,
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the couch critics, you know who you are, have spoken. and
7:45 am
the best ad of the superbowl according to the ad meter is budwieser's brother hood. this tells a story. >> touching. >> don't even get me started. tells the emotional story of a man who raised him. now, just barely beat out the tyde miracle commercial. >> the budwieser ad made the top five trailing the prom ad. get in, get happy. and the doritos goat for fail ad. speaking of ads, one of the most popular didn't cost a cent. tweeting out this ad. saying you can still dunk in the dark. that's rather suspicious if
7:46 am
you ask me. retweeted more than 13,000 times. how are they ready for something like that that fast? >> they are thinking and it's smart. >> or did they cause the blackout yes. >> i don't think they did. but a good theory . >> how long does it take to get an idea out? like that. >> still pretty clever. >> i like the taco bell with the older people out partying late. >> very funny. >> all right. let's do temperatures. reagan national in the 20s. cold start to your day. chilly again this afternoon. highs in the mid 30s. 27 in washington. 28 in salaries bury salsbury. chilly start to the day. and teens, even close to single digits in upstate new york. and 23 in chicago.
7:47 am
sunshine for the first half of your day and cloud up. let's do future cast and take a look. here's your morning look. clear skies. sunshine for the first half of the day. clouds will roll in later today. and light snow breaking out. another clipper system is rolling through during the late afternoon and evening hours and could bring parts of the area light snow. i don't think it's going to be a major deal. future cast even trying to mix in a little wintery mix or showers across the district at midnight. i think it will be a light snow. not terribly concerned with accumulation. but like what we had on saturday and yesterday and on friday. certainly potential for enough. could be a covering on the ground or upwards to an inch north of town by early tomorrow morning. might be a travel delay or two tomorrow morning. things are out of here by tomorrow. and temperatures in the upper 30s.
7:48 am
here's your accu weather 7 day. 50 by next weekend. if you haven't enjoyed the cold, it will get warmer. >> can i say one other ad that i liked? amy polar for best buy. i thought that was funny too. you didn't really see the ads. >> i don't remember any of them. i was concentrating. >> let's go to julie wright and find out what's happening with traffic. >> the one with the goat is open funny and the one with the man dressing up. is that my wedding dress? outer loop of the beltway. that's definitely where we're finding the delays. heavy and slow around 495. checking for the crash in a location. eastbound 66. heavy volume east of fair oaks in towards the capitol beltway. delays continue from the beltway and crossing over the 14th street bridge. no incidents to report right now.
7:49 am
inbound new york avenue. remains below speed through the traffic lights. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> thank you, julie. 7:48. coming up next. from russia with love. >> morning, holly. >> reporter: good morning. we're not talking about a james bond novel. or a movie. we're talking about the valentis day benefit kicking off a whole new exhibit here where we are live this morning inside the mansion getting a sneak peak at a must see exhibit that has everything to do with russian zars. we'll tell you all about it next. stay with us. day. now you can do it with dinner. introducing land o'lakes® sauté express®. the all-in-one sauté starter with butter, olive oil, herbs and spices... so dinner really sizzles. it's one step, no prep.
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those who visited relaxed and healthy atmosphere. all
7:53 am
about pomp and pageantry. >> will bring a glimpse of russian. >> reporter: good morning. one of the most beautiful houses right here. and we're enjoying every room. by the time she passed. she had the most comprehensive russian art collection outside of russia. this really is the place for you to come and see beautiful things. and right now gearing up for a special exhibit that has to do with an anniversary celebration. she joins me this morning. >> good morning. >> for the roman dynasty than here. >> absolutely. >> tell me about what this is. >> this is about the tsars. they would make the pub will i
7:54 am
gas stations. lavish illustrations. beautiful bindings. so they are not full publically. one of the largest collections outside of russia. we're focusing on the albums and supplementing the pieces from the collection to help bring the albums to life. >> what can you show us this morning? >> one of the things that will be in the exhibition lives here in the mansion and it is a coronation menu. tsars nicholaus the ii. it's the representation of the very first tsar. >> how fun this is tucked away. you wouldn't necessarily see this. >> no, you wouldn't. >> special little secrets. what do you have over here? >> you will also be able to see
7:55 am
this. whenever the tsars would be crowned, they would give off gifts and award. helping her take the thrown. and it's a manuscript on par muchment. and you can see elizabeth's signature. peter the great's daughter where she signed it. and original embroidered cover and inside is a wax seal. the whole piece would have been presented. >> i want people to understand how special these albums are. >> made as few of 400 or as many as 1600. but that's given across to other kings. hundreds of people would come but only a few select. >> we have a couple pictures from some of the albums people can see. you also are supplementing this with other things you have on loan from other places. >> absolutely.
7:56 am
this is an image from alexander ii. 2 feet tall and three feet wide and weighs 60 pounds. two copies in the exhibition. one from hillwood and one with the original binding. >> this is going to be on loan for a while. we can take a look at some of the other pictures from russia with love which is a benefit. can you tell me about that? >> that would be our valentine's day opening. and at that night you'll be able to come and i'll be in the gallery give special tours and kind oftwist on the scene for james bond. >> kind of a different unique way. and even though they are talking about things really old. this is how cool and up to date hillwood is. >> public library digitized those albums. we took the individual images and strung
7:57 am
them together in e -publications. we'll have the ipads in the gallery and scroll through the different pages of the book. >> it's making you look at it longer. and you can download them yourself right? >> download it to free. and you can zoom in. >> and have fun with the tsars. thank you so much . is our web site. this exhibit opens on february 16. tickets are still available. in our next hour, she loved art and orchids. >> whether you have insurance or not, healthcare costs can be a big drain on your wallet. >> you can cut the cost of your doctor's appointments in half. we'll show you how at 8:15.
7:58 am
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this is fox 5 morning news. >> back now at 8:00 a.m. despite a momentum changing power outage, the ravens clinch their second superbowl victory. dave. >> reporter: live this morning. raven's fans have not gotten any sleep and very good reason. we can get a local reaction to that second superbowl title. >> also this hour, keeping control of your family's healthcare cost. do you know you can get your dr.'s bill cut in half? we're going to find out how you do that and do other cost cutting tips with you. good monday morning. i'm allison seymour. >> and time tony perkins. got this great tip s on cutting healthcare costs in about 15 minutes. tucker barnes is here now having not gotten much sleep. >> i don't think anybody did. >> i didn't. >> it was worth it.
8:02 am
>> it was worth it. >> everything was good. the game was good . the commercials were good. beyonce was good. and news with the blackout. >> with the power outage, i'm thinking i got to go to bed. >> this is not helping. >> 30 minutes later or whatever it was. >> temperatures. cold. temperatures start ed to. >> how about that jacoby jones. >> he's lightning fast. wow. yeah. i think that was the longest run. >> they brought it back down. so it's a tie . >> oh, it's a tie down? he looked pretty deep now. >> back to weather. got snow moving in from the north and west. our next clipper system. morning commute will be fine. we'll get snow showers in here later this evening. if you are one of our viewers in western maryland, this will
8:03 am
arrive sooner for you. more appreciable amounts of snow. 28 degrees. 24 at dulles and bwi. forecast highs today mid 30s. be prepared for a cold february afternoon with clouds increasing. and once again that clipper system gets in here tonight. light snow or snow showers and out of here by early tomorrow morning. just like the last couple days. light accumulations. >> let's get a check of our on time traffic with julie wright. >> on time traffic, brought to you by toyota. >> with that little clipper, going to need to use the windshield wipers. my wipers got a workout. inbound new york avenue with the sunshining down on us. no issues reported. southbound kennel worth avenue . you are on the breaks out towards pennsylvania avenue. outer loop of the beltway
8:04 am
checking for a stalled car. seeing the slow down here. this is typical for this hour. inner loop looks good leaving 270. slow traveling leaving 95. 395 on the breaks and crossing over the 14th street bridge. tied up between 123 and the key bridge and you'll find coming inbound, lanes are open. no issues to report. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> the big story of course baltimore and much of maryland celebrating the superbowl champion, ravens. >> thousands of people stormed into the streets to celebrate. the party has only just begun. dave ross is live in baltimore with reaction to the big game. hey, dave. >> reporter: hey, tony and allison. we're here at jimmy's restaurant. people still coming in. not sure if they actually ever left. it was a good party
8:05 am
scene down here last night hchlt and why not when you win a world championship, you should celebrate. that's what this fan base did. let's show you how they got it done in the har-bowl. who would get the better of whom? joe flacco made that a mute point. he was ensignificance al. three first half touchdown passes being named the game's most valuable player. 11 touchdowns at all. no picks in the playoffs. bizarre scene in the second half when the lights went out. seemed to energize the 49ers. it all came down to a 4th and goal from the 5. can be get it done and the ravens do to get that second world championship. if people down here at jimmy's restaurant is specific. they've been around here for a long time. you've been here for a long time. kevin, tell me, first of all how
8:06 am
long you've been here and what it means to get a title. >> i've been here almost 30 years. >> 30 years. >> 30 years working for the family. give or take a few more. great people to work for. >> you've seen it getting the football team back and that second championship. what does it mean? >> this is great. baltimore waiting for this. this is our second title. it's a big deal. i'm loving it. i'm on top of the world. >> it's kind of a community feel with this team and with this community. is that accurate? you don't want to say that versus other teams. but it feels more so in baltimore. >> that's true. baltimore takes pride in their team. we have some of the best fans in the nfl. this is a great place and it was played just like baltimore. it wasn't pretty but it's just like
8:07 am
baltimore. >> joe flacco is he the number one adopted son in this town? >> most definitely. i've been a joe flacco fan forever. and for all the haters, now they have to eat a little bit of sweet. >> are you going to help pay for his contract? >> i'll send him a burger. >> or some breakfast. >> thank you very much for your time. >> that's live here at jimmy's restaurant. i'm going to see if kevin can get me a little breakfast. >> we were saying how great it would be to be with you. thanks, man. >> some of maryland easy elected leaders in congress are weighing in. senator calls baltimore quote a world-class city with world-class fans. u.s. representative cummings said he's proud of the ravens for winning because they were
8:08 am
under dogs and many commentators counted them out. the city will have a celebration parade tomorrow starting at city hall and ending at the raven's stadium. >> about 8:08 on this monday morning hchlt and new this morning, president obama hits the road to speak about gun control. the president meets later today with the police department's special operation's center. over the weekend, the white house released a photo of the president skeet shooting last summer saying the president is not against guns. one thing the president wants is background checks. something the nra says is a power grab. today the president is expected to touch on the proposals he talked about with presuperbowl interview. >> we can't have washington dysfunction getting in the way. >> it's all going to affect only the law abiding people.
8:09 am
the criminals could careless. >> background checks focus on those who battle mental illness are the areas that seem to be getting the most traction on capitol hill. tony. >> allison, as the alabama hostage stand off enters 7th day, we're learning more about the suspect at the center of it. neighbors say 65-year-old jim lee dykes is an isolated man astranged from his family. gunned down a school bus driver and abducted a five year old boy. holding that boy in an under ground bunker ever since. the communication is still open and the boy is apparently in good condition. the bus driver who died was laid to rest sunday. at least 500 people showed up to his funeral hailing him as a hero. in texas, police say the
8:10 am
man accused of shooting and killing former navy seal chris kyle was an iraq war veteran. 25-year-old eddie ray ralph served from 2006 to 2010. ralph shot kyle and another man during a trip to a gun range saturday night. police have not offered motive but say the suspect may suffer from mental illness. best known for his book and career as expert marks man. but also helping veterans through post traumatic stress disorder. >> still ahead at 8:00, highlights from the half-time show from the live singing to the epic dancing to the destiny's child reunion. some of the most talked about moments. >> while most people's paychecks are shrinking, medical bills are not. it's 10 minutes after 8:00. we'll be right back. 
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rosa parks born 100 years ago today. and in honor of her contributions, the post office is honoring her with a forever stamp. it goes on sale today. parks is known for refusing to give up her seat on a bus to a white passenger back in 1955. >> new book on her life is called the rebel rosa parks. talks about the different dimension. >> a lot about her story people don't generally know. very good. >> learn something new everyday, tucker, if you are lucky. good morning. >> let's do a warmup factor. my first 5 photo of the day. this is avery. cute as can be. fashionable sun glasses. >> elton >> early, elton john.
8:15 am
>> she just turned 2. >> such a cute age. >> her mom said she's decided she can now dress herself. and this is the result. >> she's doing fabulous. >> isn't that great when the kids want to dress themselves? >> she's got pretty good clothes. >> you got that right. >> i'm not sure i had that many choices. >> not sure you had that choice. >> you don't know that for a fact tony. love the picture. love the sun glasses . you are looking very fashionable. thanks to your family for sending in the picture. to send us your child's picture go to and click on mornings. >> looks like she's cruising up the steps. >> she's really cute. love the outfit. >> sun glasses maybe for the first half of your day. later today, clouds are going to roll in and chance for a couple snow showers around here later tonight. 28 in washington. 14 in buffalo. 24 in boston.
8:16 am
let's see, spin around the rest of the country. international falls, minus 18 international falls. and warm temperatures new orleans where the party conditions, 54 this morning. further out to the west, san francisco 46 degrees. looking at the satellite radar, clipper system. yet another one. this has been an unusual pattern. and out towards chicago , the cloud cover and light snow, that will be moving in late this afternoon and tonight. late this afternoon for western viewers and around here during the evening hours could see a period of light snow. light accumulation. and potentially could cause a few travel issues. forecast to fall below freezing. there's your accu weather 7 day forecast. the parade in
8:17 am
baltimore, upper 30s. and 40s mid to end of the week by friday and sunday. miss julie wright has the latest traffic. >> i have a tutu like that if you want to borrow it, tucker. >> so sweet of you to offer. >> it's bright pink too. lanes are open. i'm finding typical delay s around the area this morning. heavy volume but no incidents reported out towards the 3rd street tunnel. also below speed headed out towards pennsylvania avenue. the outer loop of the beltway. earlier reports of a stalled vehicle. looks lake that has moved on leaving 95 headed west. slow traffic on the inner loop. both 95 and 295 are tied up. and delays on 29. authorities are checking for the crash at that location. as you cross over the potomi, 395 delays
8:18 am
leaving the pentagon. southbound gw parkway. all lanes are open headed over towards the key bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> listen up. from doctor appointments to prescription, rising healthcare costs. tips for you to reduce medical costs. dr. vernado is here to shed light on how you can start saving now. doctor, thank you for coming in. >> thank you. good morning. >> i've read through these tips. i have never heard of some of these things. good information. we're going to jump right in. going to start with office visits. you say we could potentially have the cost of our office visit cut in half. >> absolutely. >> how do you go about doing that? >> there's 50 million people uninsured. when we go, the doctor has no idea what's going on with our insurance. if you
8:19 am
go to them and say i'm uninsured or between insurance, is there anything you can do for me? frequently, they can decrease the amount they charge you for the visit. sometimes up to 50%. >> the whole insurance thing, a lot of what happens in doctor's offices has to do with paperwork. and that takes time and money. if you can save them some of that, they can save you money. >> absolutely. as a physician, we want to work with you. we're a team. so if you come to me and say i want to come i want to see you and take care of my health but can't afford it. we want to do the best thing we can for you. just let your doctor know what's going on. >> you talk a little about flexible healthcare spending accounts. >> right. >> i've heard about that but tell me how it works. >> pretax money deducted from your paycheck. if you don't use it, you lose it.
8:20 am
if you are going to put money in, it can be used for different types of healthcare costs. so things like your kid's braces. doctor's visits, even breast pumps. it's good to go online and check what things you already might be buying which are useful for this deduction. >> very good. and lowers your tax lie ability. >> absolutely. >> your doctor says tony, you're 50 and i want to have a colonoscopy. is there something else we might be able to do? the doctor says maybe we can tweak things. get you the same amount of information we need but do different tests. and so they might suggest other options. this can be true too if you are getting blood work drawn. instead of them getting a full panel, honing in on one value. that can be a cost
8:21 am
saving. >> many of us have the impression, unfortunately when we go to the doctor, we know the doctors are busy. some are better than others. and sometimes people feel like he doesn't want me to ask a whole bunch of questions. do you have to get over that? >> you do. i tell my patients this all the time. medicine is a service industry. and unfortunately as a patient, you have the right to go somewhere else. if you are not getting the relationship you need from a doctor, find someone else. find someone who will listen to you. >> talking about office visits, don't schedule or attend unnecessary office visits. >> you have a minor ailment you've seen your doctor for and maybe you've taken antibiotics and can't afford because of time off from work or money the co-pay to see the doctor again. call and say i finished the course of medication, i'm doing
8:22 am
better. do i really need to come back. and your doctor may say you don't need to come back or i'll follow you up. it's not always an option depending upon what's going on if you need more blood work but sometimes can be a possibility. >> free samples. you got to ask for free samples. >> you do. >> many doctors now offer them. >> right. and not everybody does. so you have to be flexible. but if your doctor wants to try you on a new medication or if you have anal gee to it, useful to say do you have a couple samples i can try. my own 95-year-old grandmother is calling asking can i get medications cheaper? no. but talk to your doctor and tell her you can't afford this one. is there something else you can take. >> i'm jumping out. avoid the er as
8:23 am
much as possible. >> right. it's a bad idea. it's not a good utilization of their time or everybody's resources. unless you are actively dying. having a heart attack, bleeding out, you are not going to be seen right away. the er is not where you go for primary care. find a doctor. if you don't have a doctor, try an urgent care or local clinic. but try to stay out of the e.r.. >> all right. doctor varnado. thank you very much for coming in. very nice to meet you. come back sometime. stay with us. we'll be back with more in just a moment. it's 8:23.
8:24 am
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8:26 am
in multi-grain cheerios peanut butter. every state has two statues up in the capitol building, the district will get two as well. moved from the lobby to the u.s. capitol. dc law makers are celebrating. host an event to commemorate the relocation. the architect who designed the
8:27 am
layout of the city. >> the project to replace three escalate fors on the yellow and blue lines. escalators are 20 years old. work will be on the station's south side. passengers can enter are exit using the escalators on the north side. should be wrapped up by fall. time is 8:27 on this monday morning. and the united negro college fund has a new hoim. help people living in the district. they have great stuff going on. >> also, the morning after. raven's fans are celebrating . just now getting up. details on that when we come back. stay with us. even better about your favorite flavors. so when you call, tweet, and post, we listen. that's why yoplait light and yoplait original are now made with no high fructose corn syrup. and why we use only natural colors
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has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! ♪ wow. [ buzz ] delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? bee happy. bee healthy. with clusters of flakes and o's. oh, ho ho... it's the honey sweetness. i...i mean, and it's in. again to the 40. at the 50. and the ravens have won it.
8:31 am
34-31. >> imagine if he had gotten all the way down there and scored. >> after the ravens had that big win against denver, right down to the last play, anything can happen. >> that's right. there it is, the ravens are super bowl xlvii champions. they roared out to take a 22 point lead. you have to give the niners credit. they stormed back despite a lack luster first half. joe flacco was named most valuable player. second superbowl championship. you know what, i enjoyed last night's game, commercials, the half-time show and the spectacle of the blackout. i could watch it all again. >> i didn't like how long the blackout was. i was thinking what if they don't get it back on. >> when they showed the
8:32 am
officials talking to -- which harbaugh was it? >> he was going on. i thought are they telling him we can't finish this game? it was crazy. crazy. >> i didn't like that part. i liked everything else . >> you are concerned about security. >> i actually switched to cnn to see are they talking about this. cause now this is news. and regrettably they were not. they were very slow on the uptake. >> i had never seen anything like that but i understand it's happened before. >> very rarely. somebody tweeted buffly wild wings is at it again. coming up with different ways to shut a game down. >> i forgot that. >> yes. changed the momentum of the game suddenly. all right. let's do temperatures. reagan national. cold start to your day. chilly afternoon with highs in the mid 30s. so
8:33 am
wintertime. february. probably don't need to remind you of that. 27 in leonard town. i'veup for a long time. 24 in baltimore. 25 in frederick. 22 in hagerstown. it is on the cold side. temperatures will be in the mid 30s. will be about 10 degrees below average. beautiful start to your day. clouds are moving in later and a mostly cloudy afternoon hchlt and as we get into the nighttime hours, this little clipper system out to the west out into southern indiana, that will slide on in. friday, saturday evening, part of the day yesterday, we'll have a chance for light snow around here. and we could see light accumulations during the evening hours. if you are a viewer out to the west, we have friends out in western maryland, winter storm warning for garret county as some of the mountains will get several inches. around here, maybe a coating. if you are off to the north and west,
8:34 am
might get an inch of snow as the axis will stay to our north. future cast, put it in motion. sunshine. clouds move in. if you are traveling out there, be ready. during the nighttime hours, maybe a little mix around here, light snow. more likely to be light snow. and the whole thing out of here quickly by early tomorrow morning. not a great chance for snow. there's your accu weather 7 day. back into the 40s by the middle and end of the week. haven't done that this month. 50 by friday. allison, back over to you . >> just talking with our next guest a little. more than half a century of being based in new york and fairfax county, the united negro college fund has moved to the district. joining us to talk about that move and
8:35 am
the funds available scholarships is regional development director meta williams. good morning. thanks for coming to the show. >> thanks for having us. >> looking at the invitation to your up coming event this month, it is really pretty. the masked ball. we're going to talk about that. as i try to steal that for myself later. let's talk about the continued work of the united negro college fund. >> still the nation's old heft and most affective minority higher education. we provide support for students arjd the country. primary focus is the 38 private member institutions. they are institutions that are located in cities around the country. and that still operate on a thin margin. these are institutions many of which were founded by slaves but that still take the
8:36 am
least resources and do the most with it. produce upwards of 20% of the african americans who obtain a college degree. still a great need for our institutions. most of the students who attend are still the first in their families to attend college. >> wow. really. >> many of them have $2300 unmet financial. and so our students, the work that we do is needed more now than ever. our intention is to increase the number of students. the number of students of color that attend college. but not only that get accepted by begin the process. we want to get students to and through college. >> to the graduation day. >> that's exactly right. the washington area office which is what i represent headquarters the property is where our new offices are located. and the washington area office is one small part. we manage over 400
8:37 am
different scholarships. >> tell us about the scholarship fields that money might be available for these days. >> there are numerous scholarships available in the area of stem. science, technology, engineering and math. anywhere from 20 to 25% of the african americans who obtain degrees come from hbcus. there's some that majority institutions could study from the stand point of best practices. you also find an increase in opportunities for hospitality management. we have companies that are supporting in the washington area what we call our corporate scholar programs. one of our most exciting campaigns is a cesa campaign. emergency student assistance. came online inspect about 2009.
8:38 am
our president dr. lomac. >> whom we saw a picture of. >> distinguish an excellent president. he took a look and realized a lot of our students were not completing their college degrees because they owed a balance to the institution. and that is a situation that many students of color find themselves in. we started the campaign for emergency student assistance to meet that need. >> let me stop you and ask, i know somebody watching it's getting their attention. i need to get in touch with the united negro college fund. how does a person get in touch with you? and we know there are more care givers than just parents. how does somebody get information as far as getting in touch trying to get money? >> go to our web site there is a very
8:39 am
dynamic student platform. students are able to log in and register. create a user name and password. and begin the research password. it's not a simple turnkey. you don't come to one web site and find the scholarship opportunity. it is a research process. scholarships are all donor driven. the donor's get to decide what the areas is. some are driven by the specific financial aid need. or an unmet financial aid need. some are driven by students who have obtained a particular gpa. basically, our donors get to determine who we provide scholarships for. and our member institutions are our pry mayor concern. providing scholarships and the direct payment that we actually make to our member institutions is a big part of our reason to be.
8:40 am
we are providing scholarships to students attending universities beyond hbcu. >> historically black college university if case you don't know. we're out of time. but the ball is on february 12th. >> coming to washington for the first time on tuesday february 12th. being presented by viacom and pepco. we have business leaders stepping up to give back. an event that was started by former mayor andrew young in atlanta with hank erin's wife and now it is the can't miss event every year. it's going to be the can't miss event in washington. >> this is meta williams she is an excellent spokes person for the united negro college fund. thanks for being here today. >> thank you for having us. fox rocks. >> i like that. tony, over to you. >> thank you very much.
8:41 am
we appreciate that. still ahead this hour, beyonce easy electrifying half-time show. it is 8:40. we'll be right back.  ♪ [ male announcer ] we touch a lot of things throughout the day. so it's nice that clorox disinfecting products help kill the germs that can live on surfaces for up to 48 hours. ♪ feels sweet when i can touch you ♪
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8:44 am
>> yeah. >> who doesn't want to dance when they hear that? if you don't want to dance, you need to go see dr. v. >> yes, you are right. it's your turn. >> beyonce putting on a powerhouse superbowl performance and putting skeptics to sleep following her inauguration performance. the pop singing sensation wowed the crowd with a 12 minute half-time show. >> i feel like she shut it down. what are we watching again? i really did. it felt like a concert. >> the whole set and everything was good. >> beyonce belting out hits like love on top and crazy in love. the singer would be joined by destiny's child singers and those rumors proved to be true. >> i loved it when they popped up. >> michael jackson style. >> yes, it was good. >> kelly rowland. >> yeah, the trio sang several
8:45 am
songs including their famous hit bootylicous. >> a term about the licousness -- a touching tribute. this was very night to the victims of the sandy hook shooting. 26 children honored their peers and teachers with america the beautiful. the students wore green ribbons in memory of the 20 children and 6 adults killed. also joined by american idol star jennifer hudson. i thought it was understated. the announcers didn't go on and on. we saw them. >> and we will not forget. >> of course one of the most highly anticipated aspects of the superbowl is always the commercials. some of this year's ads were longer. lasting between 90 seconds and 2 minutes. due to a hefty price tag of $4 million for a 30
8:46 am
second spot. one of the more heart warming ads came from jeep. i loved this. paid tribute to america 's heroes. our nation's service men and women and their families. the commercial was voiced by oprah. always looking to grab the attention and hearts of game watch ears. >> did that too with the farmers. you. >> i thought those two in particular and the clydesdale ones stood to all the funny ones. >> yeah. >> all right. >> tear jerker that one was. >> time is 8:46. it is superbowl monday . the day after the superbowl. the valentine's alternative to red roses. good morning, holly. >> reporter: good morning. valentine's thursday is not too far away. while it's cold outside, it is lush and tropical in here.
8:47 am
we are live this morning at the conservatory of hillwood estate mansion and gardens. and coming up, we are indeed going to talk about why orchids might make a good gift this year. stay with us. a turkey-cheddar-bacon in the afternoon, or a tuna salad when the job is done, sandwich on your terms with any of dunkin's freshly made bakery sandwiches for just $2.99. america runs on dunkin'.
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get any six donuts for $3.99. america runs on dunkin'. hello monica swan. facebook fan of the day today. she says ask tony and tucker gets her brain going in the morning. gets our brains going too. we are glad to help you monica. thank you for watching. thanks for your comments. for your chance to be tomorrow's fan of the day, like our facebook page and comment below monica's picture. >> that's all you got to do? >> that's all you got to do. >> the hillwood estate is a place to go to find fine art from around the world. >> and with valentine's day around the corner, tips from an expert and learning how hillwood maintains remarkable collection of orchids.
8:51 am
>> reporter: a life long love affair for that. being up staged by the flowers. hard to not be up staged by the beautiful flowers. this is jason by the way. he is the head the greenhouse design operations. and i was just commenting to him before we came on the air, what a great place to come to work. i don't think people always understood marjorie maryweather. kind of put it in perspective. >> marjorie had three love affairs. love dynasty artifacts, french porcelain and third and one of the most fascinating is her love affair with orchids. she had amasked one of the largest private orchids collection in america.
8:52 am
she invested a lot of resources in her orchids. really a large collection of over 2,000 orchids. >> how do you continue the tradition? >> we allow all of our visitors to come throughout and see how we take care of them. behind the scene as tour everyday here. and have them on display. >> in the rooms she wanted them in. >> exactly. in her breakfast room, bedroom throughout. we also use them in cut flower arrangements. something she did in the 50s and 60s. no one was using them. >> she even traveled with them. she wanted them in her vacation homes. >> she would travel to florida. we heard story s ies would go ahead and ship 3 or 400 down there so she would be surrounded by these
8:53 am
beautiful flowers. >> that is a love aware, you are right, for a flower. if you are wanting to acknowledge your love of your life. give us ideas of some that would be good. >> roses are a wonderful traditional way, the flowers can only last for a week. the flowers in an orchids would last up to 2 months. here is a moth orchid. one of the more common ones you can find. beautiful orchid. their blooms can last up to two months. >> relatively low maintenance? >> there's three key things you should know. consistency. when they drop their flowers, they are not dying. got to take care of them. watering. you don't put ice cubes in them. we've heard crazy myth s. you run it under tap water until it runs out the bottom and water it only
8:54 am
when it dries out. indirect bright line. never direct sun. here's another unique one . it's a patheo petulum. these can last up to two months as well. it's roughly the same cost of a dozen red roses now which goes for $40 or so. these plants can last for years and years. >> do you have a favorite? >> one of my favorites is this one over here. this is an sumbidium. grows down in southeast asia. beautiful big blooms. >> thank you so much. is our web site . couple things i want to make sure you know. if you come to the special valentine's day benefit, jason is giving tours. march is orchid month here and sell orchids to the public.
8:55 am
we're going to talk about that in our next hour. >> you thank you, holly. coming up. superbowl celebration in baltimore. dave ross is hanging out with excited fans. >> if you watch the superbowl, it was hard to miss the commercials. which ones paid off? we'll take a closer look. [ male announcer ] when your business is powered by verizon,
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and an additional line included. verizon. this is fox 5 morning news. >> it is a fun morning. just cause of the superbowl and all that. ahead here at 9:00, a superbowl for baltimore. >> baltimore. we're coming home, baby. we did it. >> and we have a look at the plays that helped the ravens soar to victory and the emotional reaction from the team and their fans. >> but before the glory came the
8:59 am
darkness. the lights go out at the super dome halting the biggest game of the year. what we're learning about the mishap this morning. >> and it's one of the things everyone is talking about today. the commercials. inside the hits and the big misses. an executive advertiser joins us live to go over the ads. i like that. i did like that one. >> that's funny. the little actors in all these are really good too. good morning i'm allison seymour. >> and i'm tony perkins. full coverage from superbowl sunday in just a minute. we have a school closing to pass along. garret county public schools are closed today because of snow. >> that was the other story. look outside. oh, it's snowing. and now it's not there any more. good morning to you . >> good morning. we're getting used to it. ev

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